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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

What's Cookin' Wednesday!

Well, most of you are probably cookin' something tonight!  

I know several years ago we used to have two Thanksgivings so we could be with both sets of parents.  Since my mom passed, we always try to get to Dad's for the holiday itself.  I know that it shouldn't matter when you're together celebrating, as long as you're together.  But there's something about people being alone on the holiday itself that makes me sad.  I just think that everyone needs to have someone to spend some time with.  This year we will be having two Thanksgivings.  YIKES! RIGHT?

The first one is your traditional Thanksgiving at my in-law's house.  My mother-in-law is amazing, and fixes most of the dinner.  I'm so glad I was blessed to marry into such a sweet family. My hubby made my Mom's recipe for sweet potato souffle.  

The great thing about this is you can make it the night before and bake it the day of.  AWESOME right?
(The topping is supposed to be put on prior to baking, but can also be made ahead of time.  Both will keep in the refrigerator and just bake the next day when ready.)
I shared this recipe last year during my Holiday recipe linky.
Click the link above to check out some great recipes.

When we go to my Dad's, due to my siblings having a prior meal, we are taking it easy and fixing sandwiches, a few desserts and finger foods!  This gives us more time to talk, and less clean up time.

My dad put me to a challenge--or should I say I put myself to the challenge.  He swears by Marie Callendar frozen pies.  EGADS!!  What kind of holiday dessert is that when it's *shocked* store bought!  If you all know me by now, I LOVE LOVE LOVE to bake.  I told my dad that I could outdo his store bought pie.  Mind you----I don't bake pies.  EVER!  I have no clue!  I don't know how to do crust, or flute the silly edges.  BUT--I REFUSED to use a store bought crust.
 (For the record, I bought a store bought pie I was going to pass off as my own if I flopped it....sh!!)

It was filled full.  It has since sunk just a bit and looks kinda good.  My hubby was impressed, even if the fluting needs improvement.  I see me trying to perfect this in my near future! 

I wanted to have some fun with the kids in the kitchen.  I saw this cute little turkey cookie on Pinterest.....
 But I love my peanut butter cookie recipe.  I used it to make my cookies with the kids help in decorating---and limiting my resources as I didn't have all the gel colors on hand. 
We used candy eyes too instead of frosting.

You can click the image below for my peanut butter cookie recipe.

I also made my dad whoopie pies.  He knows I've been having baking orders on them lately, but he's not had any of them.  His favorite dessert was/is always German Chocolate cake.  SOO---
I made these for him to enjoy after all of us kids are gone. ;)

Below is an image of the recipe for the "cookie" part of the whoopie pie.  I'm sure you can probably use a cake mix and make a german chocolate cookie from it, but this is for a homemade shell.  For coconut pecan frosting, I like to use the one from the back of the Baker's boxes (that's what mom always did). 
Here's the link!  You can also make life easier, and use a can of coconut-pecan frosting as your filling.  

****Note, I generally throw it all together in my stand mixer.  I don't mix this together and then add this, etc...I do everything together and haven't had problems.  I also don't let things set to room temperature. I may change the way I do things if I have a bakery order, but if I'm piddling around in the kitchen, this is how I do it. :)  If a recipe calls for milk, I use skim milk.  Have to cut the calories somewhere, right? ;)

Happy Thanksgiving!!!  :)


  1. Thank you so much - my favorite has always been German Chocolate too! When I click on the picture - it shows the peanut butter recipe, even though before I click on it it shows the German Chocolate recipe.

  2. Oh, those cute turkey cookies would never make it to be photographed in the Squirrel house! We would have eaten them before their time to shine!! It all looks so yummy!
    ☞ Go Nutty With Me ☜


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