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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Phoneme Substitution Activity-with Dollar Tree Resources

We all know that I LOVE Dollar Tree.  I can't go in without finding something to use, or coming out with something and trying to find a way to use it.  *Side note:  Dollar Tree is supposed to save me money, right?  I don't think I "save" when I go in! ;)  Moving on....

This week, I popped in and found these great little trays.
I thought how PERFECT for CVC words for small group. 
 Each section has a compartment for practicing segmenting and blending the words.  
We also use Fundations in my building.  
This is a GREAT way to get my students to tap out the words, and hearing the sounds as they tap out. 

After purchasing this, I thought why not make a mini-lesson/station activity to keep reinforcing the skills that my students have a hard time with. I came up with this.
 This pack only focuses on beginning and ending sound substitution using the medial vowel a.
Also included in this pack are the glued sounds of -am and -an.  The nasal sounds are hard for my students to distinguish, so they are included at the end of the pack.

What the student will do:
Students will study the first picture and state what letter needs to be changed to create the next picture.  I like to ask if it is the beginning of the word, what letter needs to be changed, and what the new letter should be. This activity should be done orally, but I also like to encourage the use of manipulative letters for spelling as well. 

How to Prep the Activities:
The activities are very easy to prep.  
They are great for mini-lessons, reviews, and then you can place the cards
 at a work station for independent use.
First print out the pages from the activity.  
Laminate, if desired, for durability and longevity.

Cut the strips apart lengthwise, but leave the word intact. 

Fold the word under and clip it with a clothespin.
This allows a self-checking station for students.

When placing at a station, you could even use the plastic trays that look like the image below.
Letter tiles, letter cards, or magnetic letters can be used to build the words.

Now, it has been a LONG time since I've video taped myself with a lesson.
(I hate being watched in the classroom...when my principals have asked if they could have someone observe me...I usually just smile at them and shake my head no really fast lol  I FREEZE up and everything when I'm observed)
I also had to beg my son to help me out with it as well--
and to pretend that he was a K or firstie in this lesson.
And I was nervous the whole time (as I kept repeating myself), but I thought a video may be helpful on how to use the Dollar Tree divide trays with the letter tiles and suggestions for the mini-lessons.

But here goes:
If you're interested in trying out this activity, click the image below to download it for FREE on TpT!
Phoneme Substitution-First Grade and Fabulus


  1. Great job!!! Is that your little guy helping you?? I love the activity! Thanks for the freebie!!!

  2. Thanks for the great idea. I will be going to The Dollar Store for these trays. I am always looking for new ideas & ways to help my kiddos. Because I use so many letters for activities in my room, I started buying Scrabble games I have purchased. I get them from second hand stores or garage sales.

  3. I bought these trays a couple of years ago and use them as sound boxes. I say a CVC word or show a picture and the students use chips to drop the sounds. I also use it to isolate sounds in words. I love the sound substitution cards!

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