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Monday, November 26, 2012

Merry Christmas....to me! :)

So, I wasn't one of those CRAZY people that went out at midnight (or even 8 on Thanksgiving night)---no offense if you were. :)  I used to do it.  But, there's something about online shopping--in the comfort of my jammies, wrapped in my snuggie, caffeinating myself, while eating foods I really shouldn't be.  AHH Yes!!  That is the life, right? :)

So since it's the holiday season, I thought I needed to treat myself.  Right? SOO------
Merry Christmas to me! :)
My husband seems to think it's sad that I immediately go to the children's section of a bookstore (or in this case Amazon).  I love children's books.  When I was interviewing for jobs years ago, one of the questions that they would "supposedly" ask according to interview questions, was "What was the last book you read?"   I was afraid that they'd ask me that sometime, and what would I say---yes, it's true.  That's about all I read (well and blogs, cookbooks, and an occasional magazine).

Now, that's not all I treated myself too because today is Cyber Monday!!  
That means HELLO Teachers Pay Teachers.  
Mind if I show you all the great resources that I have found?

First up, from the wonderful Bubbly Blonde.  What I like about her products for my firsties is that it's a nice challenge for my higher students without being overwhelming.  I honestly could purchase her whole store and be set for the remainder of the year.  Here are some of the great things I have of hers.  

If you click on each picture above, it will take you to the link of the product.   It looks like I'm set for Christmas and Winter right?  Well, one would think so---but who can pass up a sale? :)  You see, not only do I need to enrich my firsties, some of them I still need review skills for.   Thank you to the following ladies for such cute products! :)
From Mrs. Plant's Press
From My (Not So) Elementary Life
From Kindergarten Smiles
From Rowdy in 300
 But, I also needed some on level work.  SOOO-----check this out!

I'd like to say that that's enough but, did you guys know I bake on the side?  Christmas is a busy time of year.  I need enough Christmas goodies and Winter goodies to help me through so I can do my Christmas baking! :)  SOO.....just a few more! :)

For my homeschooling, or private school friends, I love this product.  I think that it would be great to do at home with my son!

Last few things, I have to admit some of the products above, I may have been impatient and got "Before the sale", but nonetheless I wanted to share with you the great things I have come across on TpT! :)  You can never have enough stations for review, especially with the holiday season approaching.   
I have also finished a few products.  Check it out!

I wouldn't be able to make these great products without a huge thanks to a few wonderful people!!  Check out these great things (that I happen to own) :)

 I also want to give this blog a shout out! Jennifer has some really great products on her store, and her blog has useful tips and information.  Please stop by and check her out.

 WOW!  That's it for now!  But the sale is going on through tomorrow (think hubby will notice if I get a few more things?)  :) http://www.blogger.com/blogger.g?blogID=3662798822824802012#editor/target=post;postID=3637985956342520384

Edited to add:
After posting this I found great linky parties.  So I just HAD to link up and share these great finds with more people! :)  I am linking up with:

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