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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snow Days--Work from Home

Some of you know that I've been having quite a few weather related days here in southern Ohio.  That means, no school for me or my children.  HOWEVER, my little guy needed something to keep his mind working.  Something other than video games or Roblox.  He's been having a hard time with this regrouping thing.  I wanted to make it fun for him, and make sure that he's grasping the concept at the same time.   So I created this little pack for him.

We worked on the sorting (Regroup/Don't regroup) for both addition and subtraction.

Then yesterday we played two of the games.
He worked on the addition Spinner game.
 I didn't have any paper clips at home, but have now found that I LOVE using binder clips and a pencil for spinner games.  I think it was easier to spin around, and definitely easier for little fingers.

After we worked on the spinner game, we moved on to a game I called Snowball Fight.
With this game, you play against a partner.   You flip over two cards.  You then create the greatest 2-digit number, and then the least 2-digit number from those cards and record them.  Next you write a subtraction problem using the numbers you created, and solve.  Then the playing partner repeats the same steps.  The person that has the greatest difference is the winner of the round.  

Now my son isn't real fond of school work outside of school---what 7 year old boy is?  But he really enjoyed this game.  He wanted to keep playing, so that to me, means this is a winner!

The game reinforces subtraction with regrouping, and comparing 2-digit numbers.   What we also discussed was the closer the number cards were on a number line (5 and 6 for example) wouldn't create as big of a difference as numbers farther apart on the number line.  

For example if you turn over a 6 and a 5, you would create 65 (greatest 2-digit number) - 56 (least 2-digit number)=9 (as the difference)
If your partner turned over a 3 and a 9, they would create 93 (greatest) - 39 (least) = 54.

It brought about a little discussion about numbers and the pattern in numbers.
All in all, I'm glad I created this little pack for my son.  As he worked on his Blizzard Bag today (online work from school to not have to make up as many days due to weather), he was able to do his 2-digit addition and subtraction problems without assistance.  SUPER PROUD mom here!!

I added this pack to my store if you'd like to check it out you can click on the link below.



Friday, January 24, 2014

Differentiated Worksheets for Common Core

Hey all!!  What a week!  Between a holiday, snow day, delays, and other appointments, I'm proud of myself for still standing!  (Okay, I'm actually sitting at this point--but you get the idea!)  There's something about those 2 hour delays though.  They can be exhausting.  I think it's because I try to cram so much learning into such a little time.    

Now, I'm usually one to LOVE LOVE LOVE these delays and snow days, but it's starting to spoil me (sleeping in and more family time), and cause chaos in my room (not enough routine as of late).  So what do I do on these crazy days?  I hate to say I wing it (in case my admin is reading....EEK), but I mean, the plans change a bit when you only have a few hours at school each week.  I'm not alone in this am I?  

So what do I do?  I review.  I even created a worksheet pack specifically for these kinda days (Hence the name of "Waddle We Do Now".  The kids started them this week.  They did well.  

This morning, I had these pages on their desk when they came in. 
They are always used to having a morning work paper on the desk, and I make modifications to their page or give assistance as needed.  Their morning work is usually a page they can do without a problem and is a review of the previous day's skills.  Today, they said---Mrs. Davis, you didn't give us all the same paper.  I replied with an I know, and said I think you will be able to do what is on your desk without a problem!    Can I just say that my class did AWESOME!! 
 I told them how proud of them I was.   

Friends, I do love teaching.  I love first grade.  This year I have faced many challenges (more so than previous years).  If you've followed me for a while, you know that I teach in a low socioeconomic  building.  Many (over 3/4) of my students this year were PrePrimer when they came to me.  
I'm AMAZED at the growth I've seen this year with them.   
 So when I say I was so PROUD of them, I truly am!!  

That's why I'm so happy with this new pack.  
It's going to make my kiddos feel successful.
It's geared toward common core.
It contains 2 sheets per skill.
One sheet per skill is modified.
Differentiated Worksheets

 You can check this out on TpT.  

If you would like to try out the sample pages, click the images below.
Differentiated WorksheetsDifferentiated Worksheets


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Peek into our Week (and an updated Freebie!)

Is it just me or is getting back into the swing of things harder than I remember?  Maybe I'm just old...but I just can't seem to get energized since being off from break! Thank goodness for an extra day this weekend.  Maybe I can get "caught up."  You're laughing...I hear it....because we know that as teachers (and mommies) we NEVER get "caught up."  

This past week we've been working on our Plane Shape unit.  
The kids really seemed to enjoy our activities. 

 We explored our shapes.  Students really need to have a day just to play with them
It helps me with my management to let them be a toy before they are a tool.
By the way, I was the COOLEST teacher ever, or so they told me.  ;)

We worked in our shape book.

We played a few games.
Today's game was a big hit.  
 Students rolled a cube, and then graphed the results on their paper.
*We were going to roll a total of 20 times, but our time ran out.  I wanted them to add their rolls so we stopped allowing them just enough time to add it up! :)

We're still working on plane shapes (and creating new shapes), but will transition into solids before long.  I hope to work on a solid pack over the next week or so, but if you've liked any of the activities here, you can check out the pack in my TpT store.  The activities are differentiated to assist you in the classroom with all of your little learners. 

We worked on our Spinner Games. I (I mean the kids) LOVED these games!  
They are great to use for intervention groups or literacy stations.
They are from Ice Ice Baby Literacy Edition.

I also created a new pack this week for that I can't wait to use for groups and stations.

We have been working on our CvCe words.  
Following the Treasures series, we've covered a and i.  
I have to say that the Reading Detectives pack is PERFECT for my kiddos.
It works great for homework too.

**Note--you can find anyone of these packets by clicking the image.  
It will redirect you to TpT.

Now if you've stayed with me long enough, I have a little freebie.
I updated a center pack with short i and long i/silent e all because 
I needed a cuter recording sheet! :)

 Students will read the words on the cards.
Then they will determine if the word is a short i or long i 
and place the word on the correct sort mat.
 Then they will record their results onto the recording sheet.

If you'd like to snag a copy of this freebie, you can click on the image below.

I also LOVE comments!! :)
***Please make sure I can reply back to you...check to see that you aren't a no-reply blogger*

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Revision, and Winter Readers

So here I sit....no, I better not start this post that way because there's an old poem I have heard that starts that way LOL

SOO--Today was yet another day out for me. I'm beginning to wonder if my kiddos will know who I am when I return.  I haven't seen them since December 9th!! I know, right?  As much as I LOVE my snow days---I"m kinda ready to get back to it!  YIKES! Did that just come out of my mouth?  I guess I love my job! ;)

I took some time the past few days and I revised my old S'mores pack.  This pack was a favorite of my firsties last year.  My son saw me working on it and  said hey is that the S'mores game we played last year.  I loved that game!  (He was referring to the On Fire Math Game that is in this set.  
Here's a Preview pic.

I truly do love this new revision.
It hits several common core standards working with addition facts, part/part/whole, a graphing activity, hundred puzzle activities and place value activities.  The activities in the set can be used as task cards, or to play Scoot (directions included).  Those of you who have purchased, be sure to download this new set.  I LOVE it!! 

For everyone else,  you can see it on TpT (I have it on sale til tomorrow-1/8/13).
Click the image below to check it out.

So tomorrow (or whenever we have school again) I thought I'd ease back into reading groups with these little readers.  I have differentiated the instruction creating 3 sets.

With the Read and Write Readers, students will write the missing word from the story and then illustrate the sentence (or word) read.

With Read and Color readers, students will read the stories (using graphics to assist) and then color the pictures.

Finally in the last version, Cut and Paste, students will read the story and determine the missing word.  They will then cut and glue the word and draw the picture to match.

I am excited to use these readers and I want to share them with you for FREE!

You can click on the image below to grab them from TpT.  
Please be kind and leave feedback if this is a product you can use.
I also don't hate blog comments...it seems it's kinda lonely over here but booming some days on FB.  Guess that's just easier! ;)


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year (and a freebie)

Let's Talk New Year's Resolutions...do you have any?
Do you make them about losing weight? 
Do you make them for others?
Do you feel you don't need them?
Do you make them and then don't follow through?
Well, whatever type of person you are--I wish you a VERY Happy New Year!
As for me--I have made Resolutions before, usually humorous, but never life changing.
I feel that my life is going okay.  Sure I can say that I'm going to make a fresh start, but I get that opportunity each and every day that the good Lord decides to wake me up. I'm just grateful that he allowed me to ring in a new year again with my wonderful family.  I am blessed in so many ways.  There are always things I can wish and hope for, but at the end of my day I have a healthy family, a roof over my head, and jobs that provide me with money to pay my bills.  For that, I'm very fortunate!

Okay, moving on to school stuff *sigh*
I know, right?  Some of my friends go back TOMORROW.  
I am lucky enough to at least have a few extra days.
Downfall.....I've been out of school since December 9th.  
That was my last working day before break--between a snow day,  being out due to Connor's tonsils being removed, and Christmas break--I haven't worked since the 9th.  
Say a prayer for me....it's going to be ROUGH!
But, with God all things are Possible!!  

At least I get to start New Year off with this:
You can see it on TpT by clicking HERE!

My kids have already been introduced to the letter E.
I call him a BULLY (BULL-E) or Meanie (MEAN-E) 
because he pinches the vowels and makes them scream out their name.  
Okay, so it's not the most "friendly" of teachings, but friends, it WORKS! 

So this pack will be great for morning work, intervention or homework.
One of my parents likes me to send these sheets home for extra practice for her son, so she likes them too!  Want to see if it will work for your kiddos?
Here's a sample page from one of the stories you can test out with your kiddos. 
Just click on the image. 

But that's all I've done as I've been a little unmotivated lately.
Friends that have just started blogging and selling, and friends that have been doing it for a while and feel that you're not quite getting there, there's a reason those top sellers are top sellers. I'm not saying that you don't put your time and effort into it, but I don't think I dedicate as much as my time to it as they do.  I admire them for that.  It's hard though when you have a family, and other interests to keep up with teaching, creating, 
blogging and everything else life hands you.
 For anyone in that little boat I'm talking about--check out this quote:
Because you know, we are ALL AWESOME AMAZING individuals and thank the Lord above that  your kiddos have YOU for their teacher!!

Okay, now back to what I was saying about other interests..
Yes, we all know I want a bakery...but only God will know if and when that's meant to be--until then I started a busy mommy blog.
or I have a FB page for that too. 

So I guess my interests are just all over the place right now. 
Maybe I shouldn't say I'm not motivated---
although I did want to do a math unit today and this is all I completed:

Luckily I made some things last year that will get me back on track for school next week. 
First up, January Journal Prompts.
And how about a sample freebie 
(Again click the image below to grab yourself the freebie)

I also have a math and literacy pack.

The great thing...my store is on sale for a few more hours (ends at midnight 1/1/2014) if you are interested in stopping by and checking one of these resources out.  Let me make your transition back to work EASIER! :) 

Finally, thank you all for supporting me through 2013.  
When I say supporting me, I mean leaving me blog comments, leaving sweet feedback on TpT (free or paid), liking posts on FB, commenting on FB--you make this blogging gal happy!!  Thank you again for all the support!!  May you have a blessed 2014!!

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