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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Squanto's Snack

I know---a food post AGAIN?  This one is one for your classroom though! I'm sure many of you have heard of making Squanto's Snack using the oreos and goldfish to demonstrate how they planted crops--it's a cute activity. I turned it into a rebus story and created a writing activity to go with it.  You can click the first picture (below) if you're interested.
Squanto's Snack--First Grade and Fabulous

I know my posts have had some kind of recipe in them lately---but the holiday season is upon us.  I'd like to say that the recipes/food connections will slow down, but I think they are just beginning.  I hope that if the freebies aren't what you're looking for, that maybe you will find a new recipe to try for the holidays.   Either way--I'd love to hear your comments! :)


  1. This is so cute, but it says I don't have permission to view it?


  2. Love the Squanto snack idea. I am unable to download it, too. Don't ya love computers!!

  3. Sorry ladies---try again. I guess I had supper on the brain..forgot to switch it to public.

  4. This is very cool- do you have the story? Is there a particular version I can find on-line?


  5. Jennifer--There are several books that relate to the way that Native Americans planted crops using fish as a fertilizer. I usually just read Ann McGovern's book "The Pilgrim's First Thanksgiving" and discuss as much as I can with each page. :) Hope that helps.

  6. Hi DeAnne! I just reposted the pumpkin cobbler recipe because I left out an ingredient- oops! So if you printed it off, you may have to do it again- sorry. ☺

  7. This is such a creative idea. I might try it Tuesday. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I know I am late, but this is wonderful! Will definitely use it next year!

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First Grade and Fabulous

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