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Sunday, November 6, 2011


*singing as I type*  Where is short u? Where is short u? Here I am.  Here I am.  I am in dump truck, lucky duck and skunk bump.  u-u-u u-u-u (making the short u sound) Thank you Mrs. Jones Room for my songs that I sing all over the house and in the classroom...ohh yes, my husband thanks you too. HE LOVES my delightful singing voice.  This week our sound is short u.  Our district uses Treasures Reading series (Which there are parts of that series I don't quite understand--like why do we teach r blends before we teach all short vowels?--Do you know how many of my firsties want to right tree with a ch?--Anyhoo enough of that vent.

Thank you for all the comments/compliments (reblogging and pinning) on the sound sorting that I posted last week.  I'm glad that so many of you were able to use them.  Here's some word work for short u.  I hope to post some more things this week using Treasures topics for The Fun Kid's Band (which even if you aren't a Treasures user, hop back here and see if it's something you can use) but these next few weeks are C-UH-RA-ZIE!!! (Yes, I just said it back to myself like that too..lol)  

Here's my CRAZY schedule.  We have a regular day Monday. Tuesday is a connect day--that means my kiddos are at special for an hour and a half while we plan together as teachers.  Wednesday is an early release as we are doing a training called "Leader in Me."  Thursday, well we have a connect day again for the same time frame..as well as a music program to watch...then Friday we are off for Veteran's Day.  I think the week after that is fairly "normal" other than our regular Connect days--then let's not even get started about the week after--I'll save my ramblings :)  Does anyone else have such a silly schedule?  Where they have kids out for such a long period?  I'd love to hear about how it works for other teachers---because I'm finding it difficult to teach my wonderful kids without feeling like I'm rushing all the time.  How can that be effective?

OHH and I'm now on facebook.  Pop over and say hey! :)  On to the good stuff--the picture below shows  things that were made for word work. Click on the pic to grab it. The fonts I used were Chalkboard and Brady Bunch--not sure how they go through on here--google docs and I sometimes have issues with the fonts HE will let me use.  Yes I called google docs a HE-) If you find them useful, a little comment makes me smile all day long! :)


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  1. You are too funny! (Google Document being a "he") I downloaded your documents and will file them in my short u file.
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