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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Frog and Toad

I didn't get around to doing a reading quiz on Frog and Toad this week, and their homework sheet was a simple "retelling."  I just revised the graphic organizer that was in the workbook. You can click the picture below to grab it, if you'd like.

We also made toad puppets to hang up in the hallway.  I found the idea for the inspiration here, but I wanted him to look more like the story from The Kite.  The kids enjoyed making these, and they did turn out cute.  Here's a picture of mine.

and here is a picture of some of theirs.  They are hanging in our hallway right now.
A few of you asked about my Olivia craft that we made a couple weeks ago.  Here is a picture of her.
The craft you can purchase from Leslie Ann at Life in First Grade, or click HERE for her TpT link.  I wish I would've taken a picture of my firsties Olivias.  I don't give them patterns on most things.  I want their own creations.  I give them paper, they use mine as a model to look off ---and they turned out SOO cute.  You can tell that by their toads! :) 

We did add a note that says Olivia can ________, but a real pig can not.  It reviewed our fantasy/reality for the week.  Enjoy! :)

Don't forget---I WANT to do that giveaway---I still am BEGGING (I ain't too proud to beg) for followers to get me there! :)


  1. So adorable! Those stories are in my near future...can't wait! :)

    A Pirates Life for Us

  2. Love these! Thanks. I follow you already, I'll blog about you today and drum up some business for you. :)

    First in Maine

  3. I just blogged about you. Check it out.

    First in Maine

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